Light & Fluid Home Interiors That Can Shape-Shift Based On Occasion

An abundance of windows open up a 105 square metre apartment in ‘Portal’, one of the best residential apartment buildings in the city centre of Kyiv, Ukraine. Visualised by Obriy Architects, the main focus of this project was to accept as much natural light as possible to the space, whilst warm toned natural materials were embraced to give the home a peaceful, welcoming feel. A modular sofa was situated as an evolving entity in the home, one that can shape-shift to accommodate different occasions or fashion different moods. Cordless floor lamps assist the ever changing flow of the fluid interior, and a TV set slips in and out of its mount for occasional viewing.

Modular sofas by Paola Lenti create a changeable layout in the lounge zone. Since the units of the sofa work independently, the room can be changed up to induce different moods and accommodate different functions.

Battery operated cordless floor lamps move along with the shape-shifting sofa design.

A unique coffee table lays down a luxe moment of swirling black marble.

Textiles and furnishings are light in colour and soft in texture to create a calm and homey vibe.

Walls are painted off-white to merge with the natural palette.

Natural plaster textures the focal wall behind the TV, adding a warm organic essence.

Windows are situated at regular intervals along the length and breadth of the room, and stand out darkly in contrasting black frames.

The base of the TV stand is built from a huge wooden beam that’s left rough and rugged around the edges, which also makes a great spot for a turntable and some vinyl. The TV set slips away inside a sleek sleeve when not in use.

The designers decided to emphasise the abundance of window frames inside a gallery wall of sorts, cladding the surrounding spaces with wood panelling. Made to measure floating shelves link the frames.

Radiators have been boxed in with matching wood effect cases to achieve a smooth clean finish along the ‘gallery’ wall. Drawers make use of space between the heating elements.

The window gallery visually connects the lounge zone with the kitchen and dining space.

Minimalist wooden dining chairs and a bleached American ash rectangle dining table make up a stylish six place set by Australian designer Amee Allsop.

A pair of linear suspension lights team up to draw the full length of the large dining table.

Golden wood tone, a warm grey microcement floor and a natural rug make a softly melded decor palette.

By night, a gallery of city lights twinkle across the wall of windows.

The adjacent kitchen is by Steininger. Precise lines create a monolithic aesthetic.

A modern fruit bowl creates the table centrepiece with a plethora of fresh fruit.

The black marble bowl ties in with the unusual coffee table design over in the lounge area.

A white kitchen island makes fresh and pure contrast against the wood grain panelled walls, and a stretch of wood effect kitchen cabinets.

A stainless steel element builds an interesting point of interest within the kitchen design, where a built-in planter makes a bed for kitchen herbs.

Hydroponic lights give the plants a supply of sun even at night.

The wall of wood effect cabinets melt into the background of the room design, as they mimic the sounding wooden wall panels. Only a row of recessed black pull handles clue the eye into a difference in function.

The black handle line slices parallel above the kitchen island, cutting through a matching black faucet.

Minimalist wall art echoes the kitchen’s crisp parallel lines. Interior doors camouflage into the warm white walls with colour coordinated hardware, and not a millimeter of door frame.

The master bedroom is located on the other side of the lounge TV wall, and sports the same textured plaster work for a cosy feel. Two modern bedroom pendant lights highlight the feature wall’s deep tactility.

Atmospheric lighting shapes the minimalist bedroom.

LEDs instill a floating effect under a bespoke platform bed design.

Another LED ribbon blazes along the top of the headboard that runs the full width of the bedroom.

Just like in the living room, a wooden boxed finish encases the bedroom radiator and frames the window.

The LED headboard lights lead the eye to a minimalist closet and freestanding garment rail. A full length mirror visually widens the enclosed space.

Drawers are concealed inside the flat wooden elements, keeping one consistent look through the whole apartment.

The master bathroom is not an ensuite, but it is located right outside the bedroom door. Pattern dances across tiles from a collection called Set by Sant’agostino ceramics. Black wash basins from Ceramica Galassia make up a distinctive double sink bathroom vanity.

A matching toilet and bidet set complete the black ceramic set. A pale microcement floor follows on from the kitchen and living room material palette.

The dark ceramic colourway emphasizes the tall and elegant shape of the thin cylindrical bathroom sinks.

A tinted shower screen drops in a coffee coloured divider.

The 3D perspective drawing shows how a partially dividing wall helps to zone the long living space, by establishing a subtle separation between the cosy lounge area and the kitchen and dining zone. We also gain a clearer picture of the extent of cabinetry that furnishes the window gallery walls.

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