Luxury Homes With Peaceful Colour Palettes & Bright Skylights

Modern luxury thrives in understated form, peaceful colour palettes and spacious room layouts. Here, we’re looking at three inspirational home interiors, visualised by Shexia Space Design, which exude grace and refinement with crisp neutrals, luxe contemporary furniture design and all round fabulous taste. We’re also taking note of how these elegant interiors benefit from the inclusion of bright skylights, which transform the very essence of each place in entirely individual ways. These windows to the sky crack open an unusual modern fireplace nook, spotlight a courtyard filled with gorgeous glass art, create water refracted light play above a luxury dining room and brighten a home office perched on a glass mezzanine.

We enter our first home tour at a light-filled luxury living room. Fine furniture designs populate the large open space.

Textured and plain white panels make up a tasteful TV wall design, along with a slimline floating media unit.

A minimalist modern sofa design with separated backrests keeps the heart of the room open to the airy layout.

An enchanting sculptural chair, reminiscent of a rare Black Velvet Petunia flower, brings a dark moment of contrast to the white lounge arrangement.

Tucked into a skylighted courtyard area, a modern fireplace rages along a luxe granite hearth.

A sleek contemporary kitchen with a huge island stretches across the back of the open layout. A formal dining area separates the kitchen from lounge space.

Six sapphire blue velvet dining chairs bring rich colour to the oval dining table.

Moving on into the master bedroom, an asymmetrical bedside table makes a stylish silhouette against the soft grey upholstered headboard. A dark grey bed runner echoes the dark linear aesthetic of a tufted end of bed bench.

Marbled slats form a permeable partition wall between the bedroom sleep space and its passageway into the attached dressing room. Clean white closets line the walkway.

As we turn the rounded, ribbed edge of the bedroom headboard wall, we find a bank of glass fronted closets integrated into the rear. LED ribbons brightly light the garment shelves and rails behind the glazing. A royal blue bench seat makes an elegant addition at the centre of the space.

A makeup table slots into the end of the closet run, where the homeowner can make use of the natural daylight from the window.

The home’s blue accent lightens up in the reading nook, where it transforms into a peaceful sky blue hue that covers a comfy reading chair and ottoman.

Two decorative wall mirrors serve a double vanity unit in the bathroom. A bespoke bathtub is encased with matching marble and atmospheric edge lights.

A decorative vase brings a tactile Wabi-Sabi moment to challenge the modern bathroom’s crisp linearity.

The toilet is cleanly housed in a glass enclosure, which balances out a parallel shower area.

This 1100 square metre home is located in Chen Zhou. Captivating glass art creates a tranquil mountain scene along the sofa wall of a luxurious lounge space,

A glazed panel reveals the glass mountain range continuing into the home office. A trio of nesting marble coffee tables construct an intriguing architectural arrangement of overlapping volumes and texture.

A column glass vase is raised on a black stand to give it distinction from the white table arrangement. Black sculptural lounge chairs draw out the dark accent,

Wood panels merge with a pocket door, which gains access to the luxury home office space.

Inside the study, the glass mountain art is encased within a skylighted wedge-shaped courtyard design. A bonsai tree adds to the beautiful spectacle.

A huge table facilitates collaborative working.

Retractable doors bring the study area into connection with the rest of the home.

Liquor storage transforms a marble kitchen island into a fun bar area.

A games room runs directly off the kitchen and lounge to create one large sociable space.

Patio doors open into a courtyard to further expand the living area.

A skylight mirrors the outline of a large round pedestal dining table, which accommodates twelve dinner guests.

Water fills the skylight, causing rippling, shimmering reflections across the room.

A criss-crossed muxarabi lightly screens the dining area from the lounge.

The glass mountain range rolls on.

In the final home design, a curved sofa rounds out a light lounge space. A tensioned bookcase brings dark accents to the pale sofa wall, whilst an oval coffee table adds weight across the cream rug.

A rust colour accent chair adds a unique modern twist to the dignified lounge arrangement.

A stack of coffee table books jostle around a decorative vase with an exquisite botanical display. A striking staircase light continues the floral theme with golden bloom-like pendants.

The kitchen and dining space attach to the lounge in a free-flowing open plan, nevertheless, each space asserts its own territory with muxarabi screening.

Wooden dining chairs and a wood slatted kitchen ceiling complement the warm wooden finish of the decorative partitions.

The wood and leather chairs lightly contrast with a concrete grey pedestal dining table. Behind the modern dining set, an extraordinary gold tension lamp draws the profile of a face.

In the bedroom, a chic gold wall light lingers over one side of a softly cushioned headboard.

Mismatched bedside tables relax the upmarket decor scheme.

The rounded wall light smoothly complements a curved end of bed bench design.

Glass balustrades expose a floating staircase design.

At the top of the stairs, a home workspace is set out on a mezzanine. A narrow skylight bathes the desk area in natural light, which transcends through the glass balustrade to the floor below.

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