Minimalist Interior Design Using White, Wood And Black With Green Plant Accents: 2 Gorgeous Examples

The minimalist aesthetic goes by the guideline of “less is more.” Minimalism is a great way to reduce clutter and keep a home feeling open, clean, and modern. But there are many different ways to embrace the minimalist style, and it doesn’t have to mean eschewing everything that doesn’t have a very specific purpose. As you will see in these two homes, plants are one decorative element that can work very well within the minimalist framework. Plants not only lend subtle color to an otherwise neutral space, they can help to clean the air and actually make a home healthier. Take a look inside these two beautiful homes and see how greenery might work for a space in your house.

Visualizer: Now Design  

The first home we get to see is an apartment in Moscow that uses indoor house plants throughout the main living space. Immediately, we are treated to a Giant White Bird of Paradise looming over the large, cozy sofa.

That Bird of Paradise acts as a stunning focal point in the open living area, drawing attention from dining, kitchen, and living spaces.

But not all plants need to be quite so large as the one. A subtle hose plan nestled next to the television works, as well. And the main entryway does its part in the minimalist style with shoe storage and wall hooks.

In the dining area, which spills into the kitchen, Scandinavian style chairs — specifically the Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair — add a modern style. Above the dining table, hanging planters carry through the green motif.

We know that black kitchens are a trendy choice and a major departure from the more common white or brightly colored designs, but the results here are very subtle and sleek nonetheless.

The minimalist aesthetic demands usefulness, and while the decorative vases on the dining table are not currently in use, they can certainly serve a purpose. The same goes for the modern matching teapot.

In most modern homes, a work space is a necessity. This stylish ergonomic chair makes the idea of working at home that much more palatable.

The white, minimalist desk takes its inspiration from a drafting table while the unique overhead light fixture brings a bit of artistry into the room.

The bedroom in this home is ethereal and romantic, from its molded headboard accent to it unique bedside lamps, which are available on Amazon.

The muted gray, white, and natural wood palette is especially soothing in the bedroom context.

The sparkling lights that hover over the bed, in addition to those bedside lamps, are quite lovely.

We can also get a peek of the simple, clean vanity area.

A white marble and wood bathroom is a natural addition to this master bedroom.

And plants have their place in this private space, as well with a living wall making a particularly eye-catching addition.

The children’s room strays a bit from the idea of minimalism with the kids’ beds plenty decorated and whimsical sheep lights hanging overhead.

The pretty colors and fun details are hallmarks of successful kid’s decor.

Architect: Sergey Makhno Architects  
Visualizer: Julia Siriak  

The second home is a 2 story penthouse apartment located in Kiev. The main living area features quite a few notable accessories, including unique floor lamps.

But despite those accents, the public space of this home really lets plants take center stage.

A wall of tropical-inspired foliage as well as large plants dotted throughout the interior make for an otherworldly feeling in the living room.

The plants work well as accents because so many of the other pieces in the space are sleek and neutral.

The plant wall starts to encroach on the sofa, nearly transporting visitors to the jungle from the living room.

The unique coffee tables that nest into one another are a simple, elegant white marble.

Even in minimalist spaces, shelving is necessary for all those interior design books.

The dining room pendant lights in this home are particularly notable for their dip-dyed aesthetic.

The lights pair well with the simple, black modern dining chairs.

Moving into the kitchen, kitchen bar stools and a simple kitchen light make for an ideal place for a morning cup of coffee and a quick bite.

The white marble countertop is staged with a decorative silver pitcher and complementary fruit bowl.

In addition to tropical foliage, indoor herb planters are another way to add greenery to the minimalist style.

For more inspiration from similar kitchen spaces, check out our post on marble kitchens.

The way that oversized plants flank the windows in this penthouse is particularly luxurious.

While a modern staircase takes you quickly to the second floor.

In the master bedroom, foliage (mostly) moves aside for comforting yet stylish furniture and a well-organized closet.

A single plant in the corner is enough color to unite this room’s decor with the rest of the home.

The unique bedroom pendant light is a brushed steel design that meshes well with the modern aesthetic.

The Husk chair by Patricia Urquiola makes for an ideal comfortable reading chair near the bedroom window.

A black marble and wood contrast in the bathroom is almost futuristic.

Green accent walls bring in the idea of plant life without the plants themselves.

The kids rooms are a bit more upbeat and messy, as kids tend to be.

A pink flamingo motif is particularly playful.

Finally, a slate gray and white bathroom aligns perfectly with the minimalist design of this home.

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