Moulding Restful Modern Spaces

Layers of tonal grey, beige and light wood tone help form a unique atmosphere inside this special 120 square metre home in Kiev, Ukraine. Designed by Polina Yakovleva, the space has a cosy, quiet, and restful feel with a warmth that defies its cool concrete walls. Rounded edges gently smooth out modern furniture, and architectural arches build a spiritual temple-like feel. Soft lighting threads an inviting glow through the home, making it into a soothing retreat at night. Two double bedrooms set a stylish aesthetic in the private quarters of the home, whilst a kid’s room is themed with a sprinkling of space dust. Full home layout included at the end of the tour.

Visualizer: Liza Nikulina  

We enter the home at an open plan living room dining room combo that stands awash with soothing neutrals and earthy wood tones. An unusual floor lamp cozies up with a comfortable modern sofa and matching pouf at one side of the layout, whilst a large sociable dining set dominates the kitchen end. A decorative wooden muxarabi screen builds a bright focal point.

A TV wall has been fashioned with contrasting wood grain units and a cool concrete backdrop. The asymmetrical layout of the units creates a cool offbeat vibe.

The chunky concrete hearth beneath the TV cabinetry serves as a decorative spot on which to display ornaments, as well as practical media items.

A small side table wraps the edge of the sofa with tactile timber curves.

The linear coffee table acts as a small tonal balancing point for the large dining table behind the sofa.

Eight dining chairs fit around the racetrack shaped dining table, with room to spare at each end.

The Scandinavian style chairs create a light counterbalance for the table’s dark bulk.

Elegant glass halos reflect and expand the dining room’s linear suspension light. A modern fruit bowl echoes the circular shape theme at table level.

A Xiaomi Self-Charging Robot Vacuum Cleaner keeps the fresh apartment interior looking spick and span.

Architectural arches build the hallway of the home, though they look more like a graceful entryway into a temple, and almost demand a moment of hush. Doors disappear into one side of the arrangement, quietly concealing the entryway closets.

A custom shelf and vanity stool make good use of the narrow wall space by the front door. A unique pendant light illuminates the small vanity mirror, along with a decorative vase and reed diffuser.

Globe lights accentuate the length of the arched hallway design, and emphasize its curve.

We enter the master bedroom via the closet, which is separated from the main area by a slatted partition wall. A large rug carpets and quietens the sleep space.

A strip light blazes across the bedroom wall, offering bright reading light over the modern platform bed.

There are elements of Wabi Sabi in the bedroom aesthetic, where small cracks and pitting pattern an imperfect concrete wall finish, and artwork is propped quite impermanently on the floor.

Unusual bedside tables add natural balance to the arrangement. Another reed diffuser adds calming scent to the room.

Sunlight makes its way from the bedroom window into the walk in wardrobe. A camouflaged door leads to the ensuite bathroom.

A tasteful closet storage system of glass shelving and stylish drawer systems hold designer clothing, bags and accessories.

Inside the ensuite, a modern bathroom vanity is cut around an irregular wall shape to create a custom solution.

A freestanding bathtub comfortably fills a niche on the opposite side of the bathroom, along with a split level side table for toiletries and towels.

Black fixtures and a contemporary black freestanding tap contrast with the clean white tub.

A lunar glow softly lights the evening soak. See more ideas for stylish space decor.

An apricot platform bed introduces a sweet accent to the guest bedroom.

Concrete walls shape the rest of the light grey bedroom scheme. Graphite drapes add a darker note of contrast.

A cosy throw layers up tonal interest on the pale bed set.

A spherical vase complements the orb shaped modern wall sconces by the bed.

Light wood effect wardrobes fill one entire wall of the guest bedroom, creating texture and subtle pattern.

A matching wood tone vanity table slots in front of one of the bedroom’s huge floor-to-ceiling windows. The vanity stool expands on the apricot accent theme.

A bedroom chair furnishes the adjacent window reveal, creating a light reading area.

The main bathroom in the home is a minimalist affair with a unique modern pedestal sink and a walk-in shower arrangement.

The bathroom vanity mirror has an integrated toiletries shelf and vanity light to achieve all functions in one simple understated piece.

A black faucet and black shower fixtures darkly punctuate the light bathroom walls.

Inside the modern kid’s room, a single platform bed is laid in snug surrounds to create a cosy vibe.

Flip-top storage hides away video games, books and gadgets along the foot of the bed.

Planet shaped pendant lights orbit the kid’s desk, landing a fun space theme in the room.

Graphic walls decals jostle behind a KAWS seated companion.

A modern lamp lights up the desk and a recessed bookcase displaying Star Wars decor. See more ideas for unique table lamps here.

Bifold doors conceal the utilities of the laundry room.

Cleaning supplies hide out in a bank of cupboards.

Apartment layout.

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