Natalie Portman’s Stunning New House By Barton Myers

There will always be a deep curiosity about the private lives of celebrities. What do they do when they’re not in front of a camera? How do they act? And, most importantly, how do they live? Lucky for us, sometimes we are able to take a peek into the home of a well-known entertainer and get a sense for their lifestyle. In this way, us normal folks are able to live vicariously in the lap of luxury. In this instance, we are able to step inside the Montecito estate of Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman. The 3,991-square-foot home from architect Barton Myers is perched on a hillside near Santa Barbara and features four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a stunning kitchen. Step inside, take a look around and see what else this estate has in store.

A view of the back of the home shows off the outdoor space, which is a major focal point. With a swimming pool and lush landscaping, it is a space where the family can enjoy the fresh Pacific air.

The interior of the home is, of course, gorgeously appointed. Unique coffee tables like this one are just piece of the luxurious design puzzle.

It’s no question that the ocean view and open design are the most compelling part of this 10.4 acre estate, but without comfortable reading chairs like we see here, it would be that much harder to truly enjoy the view.

The open concept home manages to have many welcoming places to gather, including this lovely indoor dining area perched underneath an oversized dining pendant.

In the colder months, of which there are not too many along the Pacific Coast, it is possible to close off the house with roll down windows to prevent the interior from getting too chilly.

A Harvard grad, Portman certainly wants a space in her house to relax with her books, and this library is the perfect cozy example of home decor for book lovers.

When you have a home with such a stunning ocean view, you want to make sure that you can experience it in as many rooms as possible. Here, a bedroom opens directly into the yard.

Even a smaller bedroom can feel welcoming and spacious with floor-to-ceiling windows like these.

The outdoor space is a critical piece of this estate, with careful, California-friendly landscaping taking center stage.

An outdoor fire pit and dining area is perfect for entertaining celebrity neighbors like Oprah or Ellen Degeneres.

The use of concrete and glass for the pool helps it to disappear into the landscape and feel almost like a natural feature of the hillside.

Native plants offer lush but drought resistance greenery in the backyard.

Where you cannot see the ocean you still have a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

But of course, the ocean view is the pinnacle of luxury.

Natural wood furniture has a rustic, comfortable feel and emphasizes the way in which the house works with the nature that surrounds it.

This breathtaking view of the Pacific could easily have been the deciding factor when it came to make the final sale.

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