Playful Modern Taiwanese Homes With Slides Inside

Kids are only little once, and these homeowner parents aren’t about to waste a moment of that precious time. Each of these three modern Taiwanese homes have been lovingly recreated as playful scenes of family bliss. The unique interiors see the traditional static living room turned on its head, and instead embrace the chaotic momentum of young family life. Lofted play spaces and moveable slides give the little ones plenty of opportunity to work off energy and interact with their doting parents. Dining tables become crafting zones, pendant lights become backlit art cases, window seats make play platforms. These are homes in which golden childhood memories are made.

Designer: HAO Design  
Photographer: Hey! Cheese  

Our first family focussed interior is a 138 square metre home with a natural, open and airy aesthetic. The homeowners wanted a free flowing space to inspire their children’s creative activities.

There is a huge bookcase along one side of the room that houses a pull-out staircase. The steps give rise to a lofted play area, and include more shelving underneath. The retractable design means that the living room can become a bigger area when not in use, with more space for kids to run.

Kids can exit out of the other end of the play loft via an indoor slide.

The creative playground means that the family can always embrace energetic fun times without even having to leave home.

Indoor plants cultivate an uplifting garden feel. Bare timber adds to the naturalistic language of the project.

A unique double-backed dining bench design promotes cosy family dinners.

The main provision of space is geared toward playful children’s activities and cherished interactions.

A ‘veranda’ area is fashioned with terracotta floor tiles, a myriad of plants, and a whimsical swing. The little swing makes the perfect place for parent or child to sit by the piano and enjoy the performance. To create the option of more space here, the slide has been built using mortice and tenon construction so that it can be easily disassembled and stowed away.

Even the dining room pendant lights are part of play in this home. The “Favourite Thing” light fixture is also a display area, giving homemade craft items the spotlight that they deserve.

The dining table is the creative station, where homeowners Mr. and Mrs. Stone and their children spend hours making art together.

There is a sitting area in the 60 square metre recreation room, but even this carries a suitably informal vibe that’s geared toward a life of tumbling, tickling and playing on the floor with kids.

The kitchen island is an integral piece of the family living space. Storage spaces slot in around all four sides of the central volume. The latticework-style cabinets complement the bookcase design by the play loft. Swivel bar stools give kids a perch to cook alongside mum.

Above the island, black steel storage racks make use of the high ceilings. The industrial style framework is used to thread more plant greenery through the space, visually connecting the kitchen with the veranda and a wall of green colour cabinets in the reading area.

A chalkboard wall has been created in the entryway. This serves as a fun message board for the family, as well as a sketching wall for the kids.

The home has an organic interactive quality.

Even the bedrooms translate as flexible space.

The green and wood decor threads through.

Balloon lamps put extra ‘pop’ into the colourful kids’ room.


Designer: INDOT Design  
Photographer: Hey! Cheese  

Our second modern living room is a decidedly more neutral space…

… Though small dashes of colour do emerge from the sleek minimalist design.

The space here is compact and concise, spelled out in plain white paintwork, natural timber and raw concrete volumes.

Bespoke furniture makes the most of the limited living space.

A custom made table is integrated with a concrete dividing wall behind the sofa, which lends itself as a desk or dining area.

Another dividing wall acts as the main body of storage for the living room.

The bottom treads of a unique suspended staircase design artfully wrap a concrete supporting wall.

The steps lead up to a play loft with a warmly wood clad interior, and a beautifully wood lined slide design. A workspace slots in beneath the loft–though it could be tricky getting any real work done with a preschooler trampling overhead!

A glass wall ensuite bathroom makes a spacious feature inside the master bedroom.

Designer: HAO Design  
Photographer: Hey! Cheese  

Our last scene of family bliss is a large open play space with plenty of room to run free.

This time, the play zone has been created over a practical storage area. A ladder gives access to the platform up top.

A round rug complements the arched window feature in the lounge, which arcs like a rainbow at the end of the kids’ slide. A set of storage cubbies house toys, books and games.

The slide is a moveable design that can disappear into a wood clad wall with a gentle push. When pulled out, the slide reveals a small staircase that allows little legs to easily and safely access the top of the slide.

Only some small window cuts give a hint that there may be something more to tell about the living room feature wall.

Beautiful sky blue paintwork picks out a wall of storage by the dining area.

A white and gold dining chandelier stands out against the colourful interlude.

Chic kitchen bar stools take the gold accent to the open plan kitchen area, along with an elegant gold faucet.

Unique kitchen pendant lights make a more prominent feature of the white kitchen island.

The colour story continues in a blue bedroom. Stylish bedroom pendant lights repeat the breezy accent.

Colour coordinated closets have kid-friendly clothes hanging space and toy storage.

Gorgeous blue floor tiles pattern the home entryway. Generous storage cabinets stow away all of the family’s shoes and outdoor items.

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