Reinforced Concrete Beams made of Bamboo with its Bad Sides

Reinforced concrete bamboo beams are one of the properties that would make bamboo a good substitute to steel with its strength. The strength of bamboo is greater than most timber products which are advantageous, but it is approximately half the tensile strength of steel. Bamboo is easily accessible as it grows in almost every tropical and subtropical region, this lowers the cost of construction and increases the strength of the buildings that would otherwise be un-reinforced. 

Reinforced Concrete bamboo Beams problems

One major problem with bamboo is that it attracts living organism such as fungi and insects. Bamboo is more prone to insects than other trees and grasses because it has a high content of nutrients. In order to combat this problem, it becomes necessary to treat bamboo to protect it from the environment. Steel does not have this problem but it also needs to be coated in order to protect it from rusting. Bamboo is very light in weight compared to steel. Due to its low modulus of elasticity, bamboo can crack and deflect more than steel reinforcement under the same conditions. These aspects put bamboo on the list of viable construction materials. These properties, when combined, suggest that bamboo will make a fine addition to the current selection of materials, but it is necessary that people in general be made more familiar with its strengths and weaknesses.

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