Sculpting Luxury Living Spaces

Sounds, scents, colour and obscure curations form the fabric of our living spaces; tangible, intimate drops that become our life’s glue. The endeavour to create a space that best accommodates daily life calls for a place that is enriched, whilst gentle and flexible. Visualised by Shexia Space Design, this unique home is shaped to show beauty in things that we have become accustomed to. Just as an artist sculpts by chiselling away excess stone, beauty can be discovered in everyday things just by removing the extra that lies around and between. In this case, white open space draws out architectural gems and eclectic treasure, like pieces of art displayed in a blank white gallery.

Huge arched windows fill the luxurious living room with natural light and a unique splendour. White walls reflect the light deep into the space, whilst perimeter lights edge the ceiling line.

A ceiling mounted statement fireplace plays on the impressive vertical proportion of the room. Its red colourway adds bright warmth to the room even when the flames are out.

A floor to ceiling bookcase builds a book lover’s living space. The bespoke piece is skilfully crafted around a small picture window, which creates a restful break from the busy rows of book spines.

The mouth of the modern fireplace beautifully emulates the elegant arc of the feature window frames.

A tasseled vintage rug adds a spread of pale pattern through the light lounge space, in a muted red colourway that complements the eye-catching red fireplace design.

Nesting round coffee tables pick out the sparse blue tones in the rug, which builds bright contrast with the red accents in the living room.

An elegant mid century modern Wassily chair and a taupe modern sofa quietly merge into the light room decor. This delicate colour play pushes out the space between the more colourful pieces in the scheme.

Freestanding bookshelves evolve into colourful towers with the tomes added.

A unique planter initiates a marble accent in the living room, with a pale pink hue that exquisitely complements decor in the red colour family.

Moving to the kitchen and dining space, a modern chandelier twists and tangles above a red accent dining table. Sprigs of green foliage burst from tiny planters attached to the unique chandelier’s frame, which make bright contradictions with red touches.

A neoclassical vibe is crafted with decorative coving and architectural columns. One classical column has been spliced with an industrial raw concrete strut to exaggerate the meeting of eras and aesthetics.

Tripod dining chairs bring a unique look to the rectangle dining table, but their natural timber finish keeps the combo tastefully coordinated.

The one wall kitchen tucks into the back of the room. Grey cabinets shade the base of the installation, whilst a wood slatted extractor hood surround and an open shelf keep things lighter up top.

A marble kitchen backsplash brings in a swirl of creamy pink hues.

Downstairs, the marble finish is repeated across columns around the staircase to shape luxurious grandeur.

A concrete planter is integrated into an indoor bench to style a zen sitting spot.

Glass walls surround the ethereal white staircase design, which rises behind floating shelves that are dotted sparingly with modern art and books. Orb lamps glow brightly at the bottom of the stairwell to chase away the shadows.

On this lower level of the home, a gamer room is kitted out with an enormous TV. Nesting coffee tables set up plenty of space for snacks.

Copper panels add metallic warmth across the TV wall, which lustres under clerestory windows. A sleek modern media unit is softened with a natural timber frame.

A curved sofa amps up the cosy vibe of the gamer lounge, creating a comfy spot for extended game play late into the night.

A wireframe pendant light makes a cool accessory whilst being lightweight and understated.

Behind the gamer lounge, a home office desk is well equipped for PC game play. An ergonomic gaming chair takes care of comfort, whilst an Iron Man Hulkbuster figurine adds personality.

An Alienware Area 51 desktop brings powerhouse performance to the gamer setup. A headphone stand tidies up the tech heavy desk.

The luxurious bedroom design unfolds beneath a gentle ceiling arc and pure white colour scheme.

A tufted headboard folds cosily around the upholstered white bed, embracing a modern bedside table at either side.

A Chinese end of bed bench stylishly trims the foot of the platform bed.

Black window frames sit darkly in plain white walls, and a sputnik chandelier strikes a black silhouette against the white ceiling.

A swivel accent chair brings a single burst of violet into the peaceful decor palette. Floating shelves camouflage with the wall colour, whilst providing a landing spot for chic decorative touches.

A trio of modern wall sconces combine with a drywall cutout, to make a decorative feature behind one bedside table. The feature forms a subtle visual stop in front of the glass wall ensuite bathroom.

Sliding glass panels across the ensuite bathroom carry a soft red tint, which gives colourful definition to the two separate zones. Slender archways glow across the back of the bathroom, shaping a throwback to the grand living room windows downstairs.

Pink tinted marble makes another appearance across a double bathroom vanity countertop. Irregular shaped mirrors loosen up the formality of the luxurious space.

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