Spanish Urban Beach House for the Perfect Summer Vacation

Are you ready for summer? Are you ready for endlessly beautiful days and nature at its peak? We all look forward to summer. That’s a fact. It is basically coded into our DNA. Summer is the best time of year, and the best time for a vacation. Barcelona is one of the best places to summer, and many people flock to this gorgeous city with its picturesque beaches. Many people have tried to capture the essence of a Barcelona summer into a few square metres and turn into home. This is what design company Egue and Seta have done. Come, experience a Barcelona summer without leaving your home.

This home aims to capture the enviable summer vibe in Barcelona. The home was designed for two people, and has more than enough space, but space optimization never hurts. The home has a total of three rooms, but are visually connected.

The house has an abundance of colours that are bright and cheery. There are an abundance of features that lend cheeriness to the house, for example the decorative vases are whimsical and bright, remeniscent of summer flowers.

A contemporary painting stares moodily from its frame, and lends dimension to the room. A definite conversation starter for social events.

The first room is perfectly structured for a social couple. The dining room is flanked by a linear kitchen, cosy living room and two balconies.
This living space makes the most of colours, patterns and furniture to create a dynamic room.
One example of this are the Master’s Arm Chairs by Kartell. These chairs are a lovely addition to the dining area, and if you’d like the same effect, you can find something similar

THe black frame windows create fluidity between the rooms, joing the home without being indiscreet.

A dining pendant is a vital aspect of the home because it fits in with the theme and is essential in projecting the right aura. This particular pendant is a gorgeous
Normann Copenhagen Bell Pendant Lamp.

The kitchen displays some industrial chic through an exposed brick wall which does wonders for the room and makes it a little more interesting.

The wooden features in the room, like the floor and ceiling look tropical, a theme that is always necessary in a summer home.

These wide shelves are perfect for displaying your lush potted plants and wine glasses. This is a way to save space since it is as decorative as it is useful.

From this angle we can see just how well all the aspects of the room are joined together to make a cohesive and well formed picture.

Mounted shelves are essential in conserving space. They are stylish and practical, and the quickest way to save space in any room.

A grey electric plug shows just how important attention to detail can be. It is such a simple piece, but it contributes so much to the space around it.

The house uses a mixture of nature and modern appliances very well. The plants and wooden panels, as well as the sleek appliances and black steel frame blend together perfectly.

An abundance of shelves hold up multi-coloured jars while the furniture has a unique rough around the edges appearance that is simply stunning.

A kitchen backsplash is a good idea since the kitchen is such a busy place. This backsplash starts off with wood, which is easy to clean and tapers of to exposed brick which is eye catching and stylish.

The bedroom goes to great lengths to be bright and spacious, a place worthy of being called a summer retreat.
The bed sits prettily under a pendant light and is showcased to perfection.

A plush carpet adds a layer of cosiness to the room. The ceiling, blue accent wall and floors connect the room to the rest of the house.

The bedroom boasts an exposed brick accent wall and a white headboard that doubles as a bedside table and storage trunk.

The headboard is a mixture of white and wood. The wood warms up the white while the white makes the room look bigger.

The wardrobe has two sliding doors, and the different colors create an engaging aspect in the bedroom. The indoor plants on top of the cupboard are ingenious because the black frame windows that connect the rooms don’t allow much of a view into the room . The plants can be seen from both sides and thus add a level of refreshment to both sides.

The glass panels also come with a adjustable blind to ensure absolute privacy.

The oak floors stretch from the bedroom to the living room, ensuring continuity and fluidity between the rooms.

Another way in which the rooms are connected is through the placement of the pendant lights. Each room has a unique and interesting lamp.

The house also contains a myriad of personal nik naks that lend personality to the rooms.

The connection between the rooms makes the house look bigger. The lush greenery also lends to the summer aesthetic.

The rooms are also segregated by the flooring. The bathroom, kitchen and parts of the living room boast an attractive tiled design.

The bathroom is sleek and luxurious. The tiles are an important part of the design, since the ground the lightness of the room, adding necessary substance.

Different shades of blue are an engaging aspect to the room. And the pendant lighting are fun and chic.

A glass cubicle around the shower is an age old way of keeping the bathroom neat, while giving the illusion of extra floor space.

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