Two Homes with Lots of Beautiful, Natural Wood

In an era when industrial and concrete designs are more popular than ever, it can be easy to forget the naturally beautiful look that can be created with high-quality wood. When wood grain and the many tones of wood are allowed to shine through, the design possibilities are virtually endless. In the two homes featured in this post we see that not every home that is heavy on the wood needs to feel like a hunting cabin or an old man’s den. These spaces are highly modern, bright, and warm but the natural, elegant wood element adds something special to both homes.

Visualizer: Kyde Architects  

The first home is located in Sosonvo, St. Petersberg in Russia and measures 100 square meters (1076 square feet).

The design uses wood not in some of the more obvious and subtle ways, like exposed wood beams, but really lets the material stand on its own.

From wood paneled walls to natural wood furniture, the design highlights wood, not letting is fade into the neutral background like it often can.

The wood paneled walls are particularly eye catching, with horizontal slats creating an interesting texture and drawing the eye around the room while a unique coffee table is made from a thick slice of a beautiful red wood.

In the dining area, open to the rest of the home due to the open floorplan, dining room pendant lights cast a soft and flattering glow.

Cream and white are natural complements to the wood coloring, seen here in gauzy curtains and plush dining chairs.

A woven pendant light in this space certainly leans into the rustic feel, but the shape is distinctly modern.

Plenty of seating is always a good thing and here we see how one dining area flows easily into a kitchen breakfast bar.

The gray kitchen bar stools are in keeping with the largely neutral palette throughout the house.

In the sleek – if somewhat small – kitchen, countertop herb planters add a perfect pop of color.

The wood highlights even carry into the home’s kitchen accessories, with natural cutting boards propped up on the countertop.

In the master bedroom, spotlight-inspired bedroom pendant lights are an interesting contrast to the otherwise highly rustic decor.

The wooden wall decor, including rich paneling and a very eye-catching piece over the bed, feels quite cozy and warm.

Interestingly, the bathroom is perhaps the most modern of all the spaces.

Honeycomb tiles and slate stone floors have a hip and contemporary feel.

Wood comes into play only a bit in a few accents to unite the room with the rest of the house.

Visualizer: ONI Architects  

The next space is a 180 square meter (1937 square feet) apartment in Moscow.

While this design also has an emphasis on wood, the feel is much more modern than rustic throughout, which can easily be seen in the accessories chosen like the living room’s unique table lamp .

Despite the highly designed look, it is still evident that this space is meant for comfort, with long luxurious sofas capped by a simple, practical end table.

The choice of artwork can say so much about a home and its inhabitants.

It is impossible not to be drawn to the sculptural work in this apartment.

The rust-colored sculpture contrasts with the living wall that stands opposite — one suggesting decay while the other quite literally grows and thrives.

In the home office space, not as many design risks are apparent, with a comfortable reading lounge being quite inviting.

The use of stylish desk chairs like this one makes the idea of working at home a bit more palatable to be sure.

The orange accents in this space are subtle but work well with the 70’s-inspired wood paneling.

Leaning a large piece of art against the wall adds a bit of casual elegance to the room.

In the relaxing master bedroom, minimalist details like a sleek black floor lamp bring an air of zen.

The child’s bedroom is allowed a bit more in the way of decoration and frill.

A cute and creative light fixture centers the room while varied textured add whimsy.

The simple kid’s bed with the polkadot wall behind it is cozy and big enough for even a long bedtime story.

The design also makes clear that kid’s decor does not have to be cluttered, as long as storage is taken into consideration.

The color tones in the main areas as well as the private spaces remain quite muted.

A stone gray kitchen and natural wood flooring is chic and even somewhat masculine.

The unique modern dining chairs are quite a departure from the overstuffed version of the first home, showing that there are many ways to be modern.

The light fixture as well is stunning in its minimalist design.

A grey kitchen is perhaps not the most exciting choice, but it has its place.

And its place is in this very sleek apartment that celebrates muted tones, natural wood grain, and stylish comfort.

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