Two Large Scandinavian Style Homes For Young Families

Scandinavian design can be a very good choice for families looking for a way to unify their home. Not only does Scandinavian design encourage minimalism, it also has a playfulness about it with pops of color and fun objects that add personality to any room. The two homes featured here take full advantage of the mix-and-match Scandinavian look. Neither home is too buttoned up or so minimalist that you can’t imagine living there. Rather, they take the elements of the design style and make them liveable, meaning the houses will be sanctuaries for both the parents and the children.

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The first home featured is a townhouse located in Odessa.

The two-story house was designed for a young family of 3 and also has an attic living space.

The home’s interior was designed with the Scandinavian aesthetic in mind, including elements of minimalism.

The main living area is located on the first floor and is quite spacious, featuring furnishings such as Scandinavian style chairs.

The central element in the living space is a large, solid wood table.

In the kitchen, simple dark cabinetry and indoor herb planters make for a very clean look.

Recessed lighting overhead makes the ceiling feel tall and the entire space feel more open.

The use of natural wood is another Scandinavian element we see throughout the home.

In one bedroom, a ZZ Plant makes for a lovely almost tropical addition to the decor.

The worn wood finish on the side table/stool as well as the writing desk are warm and practical.

The natural wood motif is even carried through to the flooring.

The unique sofa in this room is a fun experiment in contrast while also providing a perfect brainstorming sofa or even napping space.

In the children’s room on the second floor is quite bright and playful without straying too far from the minimalist ideal.

Creative shelving adds a wholly practical element but is also quite cute.

Rounded shapes in the rug and ottoman pouf lend a softness to the style.

Organization is key with Scandinavian design and this closet is a stunning example.

When the washing machine is the same room as the clothes storage, unique laundry baskets don’t get that much use.

The attic space, which includes a few indoor house plants is meant as a space for relaxing with a good book and a cup of tea.

Whitewashed ceilings and lots of cozy seating is incredibly inviting.

A bright white bathroom is zen addition to this home.

White tiles from floor to ceiling sparkle and scream “clean.”

The natural wood cabinetry in both bathrooms is perfectly aligned with the look of the rest of the home.

And pops of green liven things up a lot.

The entire townhouse measures 180 square meters (1937 square feet).

The second apartment also utilizes a cool, clean color palette, taking particular interest in slate gray and even brown.

In the living area, white brick is a stunning, timeless choice that feels a bit brighter than unpainted brick would.

A gourmet kitchen is not exactly a minimalist choice, but its elements will make a young family feel that much more at home.

Moving into the private spaces of the house, bedroom pendant lights ake for a creative lighting choice in a white and blue room.

The shade over the light can better diffuse the brightness of the bulb for a dreamy feeling at night.

Small but practical Scandinavian workspaces are useful for families who need to get work done at home.

Of course, when it’s not work time, unique floor lamps make for a stylish and cozy reading nook.

Moving into the children’s room, unique kids’ night lights offer comfort as well as design in this playful space.

Pennants hanging from the ceiling and an adorable canopy bed will be the envy of this child’s friends.

While white may not feel like the most practical color for a child’s room, it will encourage good cleaning habits.

And a chalkboard wall is always a good way to promote creativity.

Varied patterns in the same color palette is a popular Scandinavian design choice.

The room also gives the kids a den to create their own clubhouse or just get away from the world.

The bathroom melds perfectly with the rest of the home’s design.

Black and white tile with natural wood cabinetry is sleek, modern, and beautiful.

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