Unique Home Interiors Cased With Sleek Modern Wall Panelling

Three unique home interiors are the subject of our attention today, each designed by Wu Zhenyu. Unusual furniture design shapes spaces that are captivating, whilst soft atmospheric lighting schemes conjure a welcoming glow. Pale grey base decor sets a serene canvas for small moments of luxe marble and subtle modern arches. Sleek wall panelling encases each one of these interesting living spaces with a high-end finish, whether that be wood tone, textured or clean white aesthetics. We’ll tour a peaceful grey, white and wood grain interior, a home with warm burgundy and lustrous gold accents, and finish up with a combo of cool blue and earthy brown infusions.

The first design in this chic modern series is an elegant white scheme with a whisper of grey and smooth wood tone wall panels. Unique coffee tables bring the warm wood effect into the centre of the layout, on top of a textured grey rug design. Unusual lounge chairs flank a modern sofa that’s dressed with cosy taupe accent cushions.

A floating tv stand crosses a luxe white marble feature wall, where the huge TV set beds neatly into the background.

The line of the floating TV stand is extended into a small shelf at one side to display a contemporary bubblegum blowing statue. The wooden wall panelling in this area accentuates the art display, and texturally defines the wide window area from the rest of the white lounge.

The rectangle dining table stands on spectacular curved metal legs that really set it apart from a standard understated dining set.

Sleek modern wood wall panelling is used here to clearly zone the eating area from the remainder of the living space, and to build an intimate appeal.

A designer table lamp rests on an elevated bedside table, which is artfully integrated into the wardrobe design. Soft atmospheric lighting accentuates a false ceiling panel that forms a curved canopy over the bed.

In the second bedroom of the home, ceiling and wall panels form a modern archway over the bed.

A deep window seat fills a large proportion of bedroom three, forming a light-filled reading nook.

In the second home design of this series, a luxury living room comes alive under warm burgundy, brown and gold accents.

A round coffee table is formed under ribbed sides and a gravity defying reach.

Sculptural furniture pieces meet eye-catching KAWS sculpture, displayed in a graceful interior archway. Textured white wall panels form a sophisticated surround.

Another cheeky bubblegum blower pops out from a beautifully illuminated nook, where LEDs are recessed within the wall panels. A modern fireplace flickers along the length of the TV wall.

Chiseled panels shape an ultra modern boiserie of sorts, creating a decorative dining room feature wall by the round dining table. Lustrous golden accent panels highlight a stunning architectural archway.

Grey barrel chairs encircle the white marble table. Golden shelves line the wine storage cabinet.

A water-filled skylight ripples above an intriguing winged mobile.

Glass art puts the burgundy accent above a grey upholstered bed and plush grey bedroom rug.

A gold media unit adds a stripe of luxury to the grey TV wall.

One slab of black marble forms the vanity and bathroom sink, with a gold framed racetrack mirror shining up top.

The second bedroom of the home has a decidedly different look, with a Japanese floor bed design cocooned within a combination of grey and cream wall and ceiling panelling.

The third and last home design is styled with cool blue accents and earthy brown. The modular sofa adds its own hint of subtle sage green.

A glass vase calls attention to the sofa’s unusual design, which features an elongated base volume that’s intended to replace the standard side table.

The area rug is an interesting design with graphic motifs carved into the pile.

Sleek wall panels recess the TV and shape an archway into the hallway of the home.

A glass coffee table reflects natural light into the room.

Subtly textured white wall panels form another arch around a large KAWS statue by the window. See more arches in interiors.

At the opposite side of the lounge, two different types of modern dining chairs make up an interesting set.

A modern linear suspension light draws along the centre of the table, whilst recessed LED ribbons provide mood lighting around the perimeter.

Walnut wall panels define the hallway as a separate space from the open living room.

Modern art adorns the wood grain.

Simple grey kitchen cabinets apply a clean finish in the compact kitchen.

A ribbed headboard panel makes an unexpected addition behind the upholstered bed.

Floating black marble bedsides cement the high-end image. On this side of the bed, the marble shelf connects with a sliver of glass wall, which accepts light from the bathroom vanity light behind the pane.

LED ribbons stretch a golden trim of light around every panel edge.

More mood lighting creates a serene bathroom experience, pouring from the shower wall, a decorative shelving niche and an illuminated vanity mirror. The modern bathroom vanity light hangs dramatically low at one end of a slick black marble countertop.

The glass wall panel by the vanity lets in a glimpse of bedroom texture.

Wall panels present opportunity for a subtle yet welcoming bedroom lighting scheme too.

An ensuite wetroom maximises the limited space.

The final bedroom takes the arch theme to a unique headboard design. Moody lighting sets a cosy scene.

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