Warming Modern Spaces With Soothing Lighting

Highly modern home interiors look crisp in the bright light of day, but how does the sharp aesthetic translate into cosy evenings spent at home or dreary days? In the case of this pair of modern interiors, visualised by Hilight Design, soothing lighting changes the atmosphere into something very special. Diffused halos soften contemporary form, and bring warming glow to cool black and grey colour schemes. Perimeter lighting wraps rooms like a warm hug, whilst an unusual selection of pendant lights introduce an eye catching strong sculptural element. We’ll also explore placement of colourful accent furniture within these two interiors, along with a revitalising inclusion of lush living greenery to uplift darker decor moments.

In Warsaw, Poland, this 196 square metre modern house interior is created with eco-friendly materials that harmonise with living greenery. Wood, glass and concrete combine with a restful lighting scheme that is fashioned as much for atmosphere as it is illumination. Suspended track lights streak the ceiling above the lounge area, gently highlighting the detail of an eye catching monochrome print rug below.

A large grey sofa sprawls across the width of the living room, however, it’s an audacious yellow accent armchair that steals the spotlight.

The modular sofa provides seating around 360 degrees, facilitating the optimal TV viewing angle or peaceful views of green spaces. A pair of small side tables add sculptural form to the centre of the room in cahoots with the accent chair.

LED perimeter lights mark the edge of the open plan, whilst a courtyard grows tropical beauty into its heart.

The kitchen diner lies just past the lounge TV wall. A spectacular kitchen ceiling feature makes a dramatically dark backdrop for a brightly burning linear chandelier. A black rectangle dining table complements the installation.

The ceiling treatment works as a clear zoning technique over the kitchen island, where an additional dining spot is attached on one end.

Two linear suspension lights service the breakfast bar and lengthy island countertop.

Smaller spotlights shine like starlight in the pitch black ceiling.

Slatted glass doors allow the glow from the living room to tease through into the home entryway, giving visitors just a peep at what’s to come.

Mirrored walls reflect the light in the foyer. A black stemmed ceiling pendant light pulls focus toward an understated entryway shelf.

An LED ribbon marks the top of a ribbed gypsum bedroom statement wall. The winged platform bed overlaps a huge illuminated vanity mirror, which is teamed with a floating dressing table and modern vanity chair.

Unique linear pendants pool light over a bedside bench.

A walk in wardrobe is situated in handy proximity to the dressing table.

Slatted wardrobe doors share the intriguing backlit silhouettes within.

The luxury bathroom appears golden with light around the double sink bathroom vanity. A large bathtub lies under a shady palm.

A semi-transparent room divider separates the tub from the toilet and bidet.

Symmetrical glass enclosures glow like giant lanterns.

A looped modern chandelier scribbles light across the pebbled courtyard.

The home office feels open to the world under a long skylight.

Three unique industrial style pendant lights bring illumination to the home workspace on darker days and evenings.

Another closet in the home is textured with linen look walls and doors.

An illuminated vanity mirror creates a bright pitstop in this grey and black bathroom scheme of tactile surfaces.

In Nicosia, Cyprus, this 212 square metre house interior is fashioned in black, grey and brown with economical use of red accents. A tan modular sofa lines the edge of the modern living room, where LED perimeter lighting builds upon natural daylight from the windows.

Indoor plants bring the garden beyond the glass.

A red side table draws the eye to a second lounge on the other side of the open plan living space.

The red table is set by an unusual lounge chair design that has an undulating base and matching footstool. Layered rugs give the space a textured and cosy appeal.

An outdoor lounge space gives pause between the two indoor living rooms, and provides the dining area with a green view. A red dining bench calls attention to the eating spot.

A contemporary wireframe dining room chandelier bends and winds over the rugged stone dining table.

Orb lights look celestial out on the terrace. Plant fronds dance in the uplights.

A modern fireplace divides the kitchen from the rest of the living space. It’s dual aspect design heats both sides with flickering open flame.

Unique kitchen pendant lights dip heavily over the kitchen’s dining island. Black modern bar stools complement their dark glaze.

To the side of the fireplace, there is an open sided shelving installation that shares daylight.

Recessed LED strips and a large swing arm wall lamp light the bedroom, softly pooling light just where it is needed.

Rich brown upholstery cushions an inviting modern platform bed.

Inside the bathroom, A backlit full length mirror burns a linear silhouette behind a modern grey pedestal sink and elegant freestanding tap.

In the second bathroom, a deep grey vessel basin is mounted onto a matching modern bathroom vanity. A concealed vertical light strip washes illumination over the shadowy grey concrete backdrop.

The bathroom vanity light falls over the mirror, throwing its light onto a razor thin toiletries shelf.

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