5 Studio Apartments With Inspiring Modern Decor Themes

While studio apartments can only have so many different layout combinations, there are no similar limits when it comes to decor possibilities. This post looks at five gorgeous studios that each embrace their own distinct aesthetic – ultra modern, natural, urban industrial, sleek luxury, and contemporary Scandinavian style. Whether you’re looking for a new look for your own interior or just want to explore cool furniture, lighting, or floor plan ideas, these apartments have plenty of inspiration to offer. Which one is your favorite? Stop by the comment section to let us know!

Visualizer: Anton Anastasya  

While the furniture may fall more toward the minimalist side, this apartment’s distinctive color palette breathes an air of fresh springtime life into this small studio’s stylish interior. Muted springtime tones pop from their background of high-contrast black and white. Smooth matte finishes stand out against materials like the distressed concrete ceiling and tall panels of interior glass for a dynamic and exciting visual experience.

The living room’s furniture appears as part of a continuous installation. A large indoor plant in a recessed planter draws the kitchen’s forest green theme into the pale pink of the living room.

A sleeping resident can enjoy a degree of sound isolation thanks to tall glass bedroom walls. An upholstered headboard provides aesthetic continuity.

This shot is a great example of the diverse textural palette. Furniture and main walls appear silky smooth, with unfinished cinder block and concrete lending a rugged touch. Herringbone floors and indoor plants bring organic appeal.

Illumination is provided by a row of studio lights that fall on both living spaces. A single unique dining pendant centers the table.

Color blocking simplifies the visual plane. The white-on-white dining arrangement falls against a backdrop of white cabinetry to prevent busy contrast. The upper cabinets and nearby walls match in all but texture, and the storage to the right falls within a single block as well.

A variety of small planters make room for greenery even within a small interior.

Visualizer: Anton Anastasya  

Here’s an interesting small apartment that remains relatively open like a studio, with private spaces separated only by a glass wall and a central wooden volume. The decor is light and natural with a touch of modern abstraction, an interesting contemporary aesthetic that allows plenty of room to play with form and color.

The doors actually slide on either end – the leftmost side reveals the office, and the right side opens to the bedroom.

Wire furniture and accessories keep things lightweight to avoid casting shadows or blocking the view across the interior. A few unique plant stands follow the same aesthetic and spread greenery throughout.

Furniture gains a little more structural substance as the viewer travels further away from the window, where shadows are likely to make less of an impact.

The kitchen wide wood panels keeps things simple and fresh, with a white worktop and back splash to make cleaning up a breeze. The chairs are the iconic Wishbone design by Hans Wegner.

One of the drawbacks of concrete and cinder block walls is the relative difficulty of hanging artwork. Tall portraits that can sit on the floor and still stand to a visually appealing level are a great solution for spaces like these.

Rough cinder block walls provide an interesting counterbalance to the smooth wood panels throughout the bedroom. A window peers through to the office and allows natural light to penetrate further into the interior.

On the other side of the bedroom, a fantastic built-in wardrobe leaves plenty of room for the season’s outfits.

Perforations toward the bottom of the dividing wall allow another route for sunlight to traverse.

Visualizer: Julia Myshko  

This gorgeous interior combines industrial appeal with smooth modern design. Exposed brick, smooth finished concrete, distressed wood, and wire accents set the stage. Accent colors derive from the material palette in a subtle way.

The layout remains mostly open, with just a central wood volume and a partial wall to provide tangible borders between the functional spaces. Changes in material mark the borders visually.

Located to the left of the television, an adorable little bedroom can enjoy privacy by way of a sliding curtain. Cool neon typography hangs above the headboard.

A series of portraits hang above the sofa, while small urban symbols adorn the wood panels near the bathroom door.

The small divider doubles as an anchor for the small home office. A cantilever desk was a smart choice, freeing up visual real estate and eliminating the potential for shadows from the large nearby window.

Eames shell chairs complement the kitchen’s minimalist aesthetic. The exposed brick backsplash serves as a focal point surrounded by the ultra-simple cabinetry.

A handsome pair of wine glasses can make the difference on any table setting.

The bathroom’s strict attention to its gray-and-white color scheme makes the handful of red details stand out to an even more powerful effect.

When working with a bathroom as stylish as this one, it makes sense to coordinate every detail – even down to soap and lotion dispenser designs.

Visualizer: Andrey Karasev  

At just 36 square meters in size, this compact studio apartment doesn’t let its small layout prevent it from embracing an ultra-luxurious aesthetic. Marble floors, smoky glass walls, and high end furniture capture interest while keeping things sleek and low-profile.

Both the dining table and the sofa rest against the bedroom’s glass volume. This arrangement feels very “out of the way” without looking like an afterthought.

Although the apartment is square in shape, the bedroom’s placement creates a more traditional L-shaped walking path for easy navigation.

A matte black on black color scheme keeps the kitchen looking simple and modern. Recessed lighting in the bottom of the cabinets prevents the workspace from feeling too dark.

The bedroom’s concrete accent wall serves as a nice textural contrast to the glossy marble floors below it. Layered bedding demonstrates a similar play on texture and pattern.

A stripe of inset lighting sets the mood, while slim pendants provide focused task lighting.

Dramatic black tiles define the bathroom, with hints of marble providing continuity with the rest of the apartment design.

Visualizer: Valery Titova  

And finally, let’s close out the post with a charming Scandinavian-inspired interior that fosters an exceptionally warm atmosphere despite its minimalistic decor. The layout is especially interesting – it’s a studio layout apartment, but the bedroom’s wooden slat walls allow for privacy without blocking the stream of natural sunlight.

Weathered natural wood, clean walls, and whitewashed brick offer a diverse palette of contrasting textures that transform an otherwise minimalist home into a comfortable and homey retreat.

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