51 Archways That Create Seductive Spaces

Whilst modern architecture no longer relies upon the arch to support the load of larger buildings, this Roman feat of engineering remains one of the most iconic structural developments. This architectural discovery may be thousands of years old but it has become a design element to span the ages. The revered arch has undergone a rebirth in today’s modern interiors, reinvented as an elegant style piece for any and every kind of room. When it comes to the aesthetic of the arch, we’re spoilt for choice with style adaptations from the classic Roman and gothic arches, to keyhole, Morrocan and Turkish twists in structural and decorative form.

Designer: CM Studio  

The most well-known and commonly used shape is the Roman arch, a classic and recognisable silhouette with a perfectly semicircular bow resting on parallel supports. This design is a reliable favourite for escalating any living space, or creating a lasting first impression in an entryway.

Designer: K Studio  

A three-centred arch flattens the curve, moulding a style that melds gracefully into large contemporary spaces. In this example, the overarching feature extends the full length of a dressing room, and dramatically draws the eye toward an underwater pool viewing window.

Designer: Kate Marker Interiors  

Whilst these moments of Roman splendor were once constructed from stone or wood, they now bring beauty to modern spaces via brickwork and plasterboard or drywall. Nevertheless, the classic appeal prevails.

Designer: Sarah Sherman Samuel  

The arch is a multifunctional element that works both structurally and decoratively, which makes it an ideal selection for joining rooms into a more open concept.

Visualizer: Mimar Interiors  

Turkish and Moroccan design arches offer more adventurous outlines for highly detailed interiors. This one forms a monumental frame for a set of spectacular studded doors.

Photographer: Deepak Aggarwal Photography  

Ornate multifoil arches communicate an Indian or Mughal style. We see the multifoil arch used here as a unique surround for a dainty shower area and a frosted glass privacy door. Colourful wall panels repeat the shapely motif.

Designer: Planet 3 Studios Architecture  

Another series of multifoil arches have been combined with intricately decorative muxarabi screening to create a luxurious Indian terrace. The decorative bow complements the glorious crest of the trees that grow beyond.

Designer: Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects   

Three-pointed arches are widely recognised as being strikingly Gothic in style. Sharpened at their apex, these arches create an instant eye catching theme around doors and windows. Use in combinations of the pinched acute arch and open three-pointed for variety.

Visualizer: Mohamed Mousa  

Because of their spectacular high crest, Gothic arches prove very effective in homes with higher ceilings. The wider set three-pointed archways tend to give a softer aesthetic.

Source: Google Street Maps  

This asymmetrical Art Nouveau style archway brings together a front door and side window to make one spectacular architectural art piece. Shouldered arch window panes and Art Nouveau stained glass are the jewel in the crown. The glorious door belongs to the “Glassmaker’s House”, located at Rue du Lac 6, Brussels.

Designer: Danielle Rose Design  

The Tudor style arch has a shallow pointed arc that is wider than it is tall, which gives it the appearance of being flattened under pressure. These defining features make this a good style to implement under low ceilings – or to avoid ceiling beams as it does here.

Visualizer: Shexia Space Design  

Where space is at a premium, a Victorian moulded arch provides elegance over doorways without requiring supportive columns. Instead, decorative corbels give the archway a delicate mount that floats high above the floor.

Visualizer: Juraj Talcik & Veronika Demovicova  
Source: AlexAllen Lighting  

Where space is no issue, archways can be expanded with ornamental pillars and boiserie embellishments, or enhanced with smart wainscot. This inspirational home interior includes unique arch shaped pendant lights to invert the theme.

Designer: Joan Lao  

This stone barrel vault, also referred to as a wagon or tunnel vault, forms an awe-inspiring archway across the full length of this modern rustic living room. A massive glazed arch exquisitely frames sweeping countryside views.

Designer: Polina Yakovleva  
Visualizer: Liza Nikulina  

The ribs of this tunnel archway disguise a set of closet doors for hallway storage. Soft overhead lighting accentuates the softly curving ceiling.

Visualizer: Liana Nikitina  

A colonnade holds up an arcade of fabulous uniform arches to divide this modern lounge from its adjoined kitchen diner space. Modern wall lights and contemporary furniture offset the air of tradition.

Visualizer: Shexia Space Design  

Archways don’t always have to be a part of the base architecture, as this row of windows proves. A false wall has been implemented in front of the regular window panes to create the illusion of arched frames without the high cost. A partition wall adds a second cost-saving archway, this time with an added classic column for nostalgia.

Designer: PMAA  

An orderly row of Roman arches bring beauty in their simplicity, an elegant look for any kind of setting. This particular home is topped with a shallowly arched ceiling treatment that bounces playfully in unison.

Visualizer: Phan Nguyen  

Distressed plaster adds to the authenticity of this wide classic archway, creating a moment of textural pause between the modern lounge area and sleek kitchen design of a studio apartment.

Visualizer: Shexia Space Design  

Archways naturally frame small vignettes of the room that lies beyond, so be sure to frame its best features.

Visualizer: Bureau Slovo  

You can create archways in a myriad of unexpected places, big and small, like the pseudo three-centred arch mirror recess inside this bespoke walk-in closet.

Designer: dSPACE Studio  

A closed archway off the hallway of this open concept piano room lends an air of mystique.

Designer: roomdesignburo  

Another retrofit option for archless homeowners, this glass wall bedroom design is fabricated from arched partition walls.

Designer: Léo Shehtman Arquitetura e Design  

What’s better than an archway? Two archways. This home design doubles up the fabulous effect with parallel companions. A warm background colour and sunlit muxarabi screening in the secondary space creates a glowing lantern effect.

Designer: roomdesignburo  

An arched patio door and a matching arched window form another perfect pair. Wooden shutters leave the semicircular arch untouched, to let in the daylight high up top without compromising on privacy.

Visualizer: LIS design studio  

This split archway gains due attention with a bright salmon colour reveal.

Visualizer: DAR architects  

Another colour reveal pushes out the edges of a pseudo three-centred arch, and creates a style thread to link it with the split level floor.

Designer: And And And Studio  

A vault bows over an arched nook to create a spectacular home entryway.

Designer: Sneha Divias Atelier   

Alternating arch halves bounce left to right along a creative corridor. Bright yellow reveals exaggerate the unusual concept.

Designer: 747 Studios  

Adjoining vaults meet over a dreamy luxury bathroom design to create glorious light play.

Designer: Dua Abukhalaf  

Archways and columns melt into one seamless volume over this extraordinary living space. The sensational interior feature tricks the eye away from linear contemporary windows and a characterless floor.

Visualizer: Atelier Monolit  

Marvellously majestic and comforting in repetition, this set of stone archways is the stuff of storybooks.

Visualizer: Atelier Monolit  

Yawning horseshoe arches imitate the sunrise over the landscape.

Source: Huntingtower Road  

Steel cased windows glaze this succession of impressive round archways with a minimal modern aesthetic.

Designer: Pitsou Kedem Architects  

A stone Gothic arch builds an authentic and enchanting focal point.

Designer: Pitsou Kedem Architects  

This stone vault is all the decor the house will ever need. The kitchen and dining space underneath it has been kept clean and minimal.

Visualizer: Lulu Lee  

Round Roman archways leap in a graceful trio in this lounge, whilst a wider arch defines the dining zone as a separate area.

Designer: Ink Architecture + Interiors  

Brick archways attractively separate off the garden exit point in this open plan living space.

Designer: 24-d Studio  

A rounded play on the triangular arch, this modern interpretation features candy coloured edges.

Visualizer: Mario Maleš  

Vaulted ceilings round out the perfect setting for an artistic space.

Visualizer: Summer Valley Summer  

This tunnel vaulted effect is created with a series of unique arched lights, which feature hallway mirrors upon each stem to exaggerate the repetition. The unconventional lighting installation is inspired by just one small archway at one end of the hall.

Visualizer: Lorenzo Pennati  

This arcade falls short of the ceiling line, which makes it into more of a monument than an architectural device.

Visualizer: 2G Studio  

Arches create wonderful transition points between interior and exterior spaces. This three-centred arch, or basket-handle arch, announces the bathroom’s connection with a stunning garden view.

Visualizer: eeStairs  

In a futuristic review of the archway, a pod-like ellipse is employed to cocoon a unique staircase.

Springers and a prominent keystone add stand out features to this rounded archway. A unique owl themed carving dominates the wonderful door design.

Designer: And And And Studio  

Semicircular arches cut a bold shape theme into a flat white facade.

Designer: Naf Architect & Design  

This intriguing arched tunnel is formed between two individual houses, which are located beside a Japanese tea garden near Tokyo.

Shouldered arches carry decorative contours around the top, without being overly ornate.

Source: Rooted Garden  

Steel garden arches can be used to cultivate tunnel archways between your planters or vegetable plots…

… Or to grow romantic garden arches for fragrant walks.

There’s nothing quite like Mother Nature’s very own architecture. Flowering bush arches make stunning framework for picture windows and rustic doorways.

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