A Luxury Miami Beach Home With Pools, Natural Lagoons, And A Rooftop Garden

Designed by renowned architect Marcio Kogan, this sprawling 15,000 square foot home allows residents to effortlessly enjoy its gorgeous Florida landscape thanks to its seamless indoor-outdoor layout that includes over 1,800 square feet of covered terrace – plus a spectacular rooftop terrace. One side of the home faces a luxurious pool while the other side is flanked by an organic lagoon filled with aquatic plants, giving almost every room a relaxing waterfront view. The home’s exterior echoes this natural appeal with an extensive use of raw materials including stone and wood, with plenty of exposed concrete for contemporary balance.

Public spaces occupy the upper story and overlook the grounds, with private bedrooms on the ground floor for easy access to the pool and covered patio.

While the amenities make this home an ideal party spot for entertaining, it’s easy to see the emphasis on residential comfort as well. The master bedroom, for example, has the coveted corner position nearest the pool.

And just look at the view from the green rooftop garden!

A natural pool runs alongside the string of ground floor bedrooms, giving each one a little piece of waterfront view.

One interesting way to access the main living spaces on the upper level is to follow the winding concrete path elevated above the lagoon.

It twists and winds along the waterway, surely offering a nice cool breeze.

The covered patio also takes advantage of passive cooling from the main pool. As air passes over the water, it generates a cooler breeze that penetrates the heart of the home.

When the residents and their guests want to enjoy the best of indoor and outdoor comforts, this sunken living room pit offers plenty of space to kick back and enjoy the evening.

Thin wooden slats allow sunlight to penetrate into the master bedroom on the other side, without completely compromising the privacy of its occupants.

On the other side, more thin slats conceal an enviable surprise…

Folding doors reveal a fully equipped kitchen area with everything the hosts need to serve food, drinks, and entertainment.

This arrangement is especially ideal because hosts don’t have to leave the party to keep the snacks flowing.

Let’s take a look at the upper story of the home, containing the interior social areas. Here’s a quick peek at the entrance to the living room.

The living room is outfitted with three distinct seating areas. There’s a dining table at the far end, open seating in the middle, and the smaller more intimate arrangement near the entrance just out of frame.

Both the dining chairs and the pendant lights are from SOLLOS, from the Joy and Mush collections respectively.

Sliding glass doors separate the wide open living room from the expansive terrace just on the other side.

The patio enjoys a spectacular view of water and high rises, a spectacular urban snapshot for those who can’t get enough of the Miami Beach skyline.

Folding doors lead from the living room to a sleek kitchen area.

With 10 kitchen island stools, the central island offers plenty of room for an unforgettable breakfast spread.

Natural sunlight floods this space from both sides.

Most of the storage tucks away into the island, lower cabinets, and the sides of the room to avoid blocking any windows with standing units.

Let’s start the bedroom tour by exploring this fantastic master bedroom. Sliding doors open directly to the pool.

Tall bushes and trees ensure the resident can enjoy privacy from the neighbors. To block the light, there are automatic blinds hidden in the metal dividers between glass panes.

With exceptionally even lighting, this dressing room makes it easy to construct the perfect outfit for a night out in Miami.

Even the bathroom enjoys a view of the water.

A secondary ground floor living room offers an intimate spot to read or watch movies in the evening.

The smaller bedrooms features their own sliding doors to access the natural pool.

Small office areas offer plenty of room for books, a laptop, and anything else guests need to complete a little work over the weekend.

Layouts and amenities are similar between the non-master bedrooms, with decor serving as the only subtle difference. The first space enjoyed white and silver decor, while this one is gold is grey. Also worth noting are the unmatched bedside table lamps on each side table.

Here, you’ll see the same office setup and similar built-in storage cabinets.

Check out a video walkthrough of this super gorgeous home.

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