A Stylish Apartment With Cozy Spots for Cats

A home’s design needs to take into consideration everyone that lives there. While this usually extends to all the human occupants of a house, many homes also have furry residents to consider. Luckily, there are certainly options that can suit a homeowner of discerning taste as well as her precious kitties. The home featured in this post comes from designer PartiDesign & CHT Architect with photos by Hey!Cheese. The home has the clean lines and subtle colors that we have come to expect from modern design, but included with the people furniture is stylish cat furniture, including a custom built climbing wall. Take a look inside and see how many furry friends you can find perched and purring in this lovely space.

When choosing indoor house plants for a home with cats, its important to find those that are safe for animals. This home features a Swiss cheese plant as well as a Fiddle Leaf Fig and Boston Fern. The coffee tables provide a nice surface for mischievous cats to leap to a from.

The two story home has lots of natural light and even feels a bit like a human-sized version of a cat tree with its open stairwell in the center of the main floor.

A simple wall clock placed up near the ceiling is practical and chic.

Cats need plenty of sunny spots to sit, like this pink bean bag chair, nestled in a nook across from a unique floor lamps.

The colors in the home are fairly subtle, with a muted green serving as a modern neutral.

In the dining room, Scandinavian style chairs and dining room pendants are a bit mismatched, but in purposeful way.

Indeed, the dining area itself is somewhat small, nestled closely into the kitchen.

Kitchen bar stools like the Nerd Counter Stool in turquoise add a playful flair.

Cats can easily pad along the white laminate flooring in silence.

And they can always find a way to get into trouble when drawers and countertops are involved.

The white on white design is perfect for a sunny kitchen, making it feel incredibly spacious.

Organization is key in a small kitchen, as evidenced by these drawers full of coffee mugs.

Nothing like an all-seeing perch for a curious kitty.

This design goes the extra mile, giving the cats a birds-eye view from above the staircase on a glass platform.

It’s hard to imagine a cat ever leaving this sunny perch where he can observe all the happenings of the home.

Of course, another cat encroaching on his space might be enough to make him move.

Or not.

The kitty piece de resistance is the stylish custom cat climbing wall, situated cleverly near the wine racks.

In the bedroom, a comfortable reading chair even has an ottoman for a cat to sun herself.

Unique plants stands like these can keep plants out of harms way from claws.

Unique bedside lamps, on the other hand mainly provide a non-intrusive source of light for bedtime.

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