Black, White, Gold & Minimalist Interior Inspiration

Black, white, grey and gold accent decor, meets simple minimalist style in this sophisticated 75 square metre interior in Kyiv, Ukraine. Designed by Mooseberry Design Group, this inspiring space has an easy elegance. A semi-formal appeal that is both upmarket and downplayed makes this home approachable whilst impressive. Unusual decor accents are scattered around in subtle spots that do not demand attention, yet provide little Easter eggs of fascinating design and intriguing art. Furniture is chic and lightweight, encouraging the eye to wander freely through open framework and slimline supports. A tour of lean layouts and elegantly appointed living spaces with nonchalant flair.

Photographer: Yevhenii Avramenko  

A sleek black leather sofa stands tall on slender legs in the living room, playing into the overall sense of airiness that the large and high ceilinged room affords.

Two lounge chairs pair up on the opposite side of a multicoloured rug design. A set of wood-topped nesting tables pick out the brown accent in the rug’s motif.

A cosy lighting scheme transforms the home by night.

A figurine glows by soft lantern light.

The main modern chandelier is an unusual cubist affair, brought to life in gold frames.

Gold picture frames add luxe metallic touches to plain white living room walls.

A slimline floating sideboard melds quietly with the wall behind the sofa, in a simple white on white colourway. It’s decorative gold designer table lamp is the Zuiver Mai Table lamp S.

Bergamot and Sandalwood scented candles wait in sealed jars.

Solid oak flooring lays down a warm base in the predominantly white room. A black TV stand balances out the sofa’s dark bulk.

A golden decorative tray and a little gold wireframe bird statue richly brightens the solid black finish of the media unit.

A gold tray top table adds its own zing by the sofa. See more inspiration for unique end tables here.

The living room dining room combo has somewhat of a temporary quality, as though the space is poised for change and movement. This animated character is owed to the light nature of the room’s fine furniture, all hiked up on thin legs as though they may walk.

The small dining room is situated up against a dividing wall between the entry door and a compact kitchen area. A chunky baroque wall mirror gives the eating area a weighted sense of establishment.

On top of the round dining table, an eye catching flower vase complements the deeply decorative black mirror frame.

On the balcony, two outdoor chairs and a unique planter coffee table make a scenic conversational sitting area.

An indoor plant brings a flash of the great outdoors into the black and white L-shaped kitchen arrangement.

White wall cabinets increase the feeling of wide open space at head height, whilst black base units add weight and visual oomph.

A set of unique salt and pepper shakers bring in a shining gold accent, creating a cohesive link with the adjacent living room decor.

The return of the L-shaped kitchen falls away into the shadows of an all black colour combo.

We lose much of the gold accents when we reach the master bedroom, settling instead on a basic black, grey and white based palette.

Modern wall sconces gleam over a charcoal platform bed.

Monochrome art prints balance out each side of the bed.

The same oak flooring threads all of the room schemes together.

Most of the bedroom wall space is left black to instill a sense of peace and tranquility.

A black wood grain bedside table furnishes each side of the room, placing rich contrast against the natural tones of the wood floor.

A brown leather chair causes similar contrast against black window drapes and a dramatically dark arched window frame. At last, we complete the bedroom scheme with an elegant show of pale gold in the shape of a modern pendant light.

The white bathroom is sandwiched between black marble floor tiles and a jet black painted ceiling. The black finish has a lowering effect on the ceiling height, which helps the narrow room to appear less pinched.

A wall mounted sink keeps floor space functional.

Black marble tile spills into the shower enclosure also, giving the room more perceivable length.

A wall hung toilet and accessories minimise clutter.

Out in the hallway of the home, a metal frame entryway bench and hall tree combo swiftly organises the household’s shoes, coats and hats. A pair of matching black frame mirrors and an entryway shelf bring equilibrium to the stark design.

A modern wall sconce adds a disruptive spot of black to an icy white expanse.

The home office’s snug lounge makes a cosy hideaway.

A small sofa nestles into a nook just inside the door. The wall lamp and small side table bring in the luxe metallic accent theme.

The large wall light makes the couch into a perfect reading spot, along with some soft scatter cushions and a warm throw.

A black planter accessorises the window sill, which extends deep above a cast iron radiator with golden valves.

The modern home office desk and swivel desk chair are tucked into the opposite corner, with a restrained amount of shelving.

Modern outdoor chairs await outside the balcony doors of the home workspace, offering an enticing break from the books.

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