Bringing High-End Hotel Opulence To A Luxury Bachelor Pad

High-end hotel style opulence brings luxury to this 117 square metre bachelor pad, located in Moscow, Russian Federation. Visualised by Cartelle Design, the project reinvents typical brutal bachelor styling with warm and cosy minimalism. Beamed concrete ceilings and arched windows build a feeling of grandeur in the living space, which is kept open with minimal partitions and doors to instill a sense of freedom. Illuminated perimeter panels accentuate the home’s architectural features, and bring warmth to the simple neutral aesthetic. Suave modern furniture adds character through complexity of shape and tonal contrast. Warm parquet floors counteract the cool industrial loft elements, whilst sparingly placed lamps set up cosy vistas.

The young homeowner’s plan was to use the apartment as an occasional residence, and wanted to have an expensive hotel experience in his own spot.

A comfy modern sofa makes a welcoming landing spot after dropping the travel bags, and a KAWS statue acts as the welcome committee.

Impressive accents come from the original architecture of the luxurious living room, a dance of solid concrete volumes and elegant form.

An unusual modern chandelier branches across the concrete beamed ceiling, shedding widespread illumination across the large lounge.

White plaster wall panels present a gallery backdrop for contemporary paintings and sculpture. LED ribbons cut across the top of the panels, elevating the contrast between clean lines and industrial grit.

Decor accessories are kept to a minimum, allowing the clean layout to breathe.

A light rug counteracts the abundance of shadowy concrete across the ceiling plane, brightening the space. A glass vase adds height to a pair of coffee tables nesting at the centre of a conversational seating arrangement.

The sectional sofa wraps the round coffee tables in a deeply cushioned L-shape. Two modern accent chairs introduce a warming tan colourway along the third edge of the area rug.

The sofa design also includes a double sided seating module that allows appreciation of the beautiful view.

A pentagonal Muuto Five pouf splashes a quilted blue accent in the sunlit hallway of the home, which leads down to a glass wall bathroom design and an open master bedroom suite.

Lamps around the living space have been kept to a minimum, with the intention of spotlighting only important functional areas, whilst keeping relaxation zones soft and cozy.

A large floor lamp in the corner of the room provides reading light to one end of the enormous sofa.

Perimeter lights emit a gentle atmospheric glow.

Lights have been used as an artistic element over the open plan kitchen and dining area.

A lengthy wall light stretches out to illuminate the kitchen island, whilst three matching pendants equip the dining spot.

The extraordinary lighting arrangement helps to clearly zone the open plan living room dining room combo.

The kitchen island is designed like a huge wooden dining table with strong splayed legs, with a heavy marble slab laid at one end.

A black kitchen faucet complements the dark stems of the dining room pendant lights, whilst a clear glass carafe keeps things simple as centrepiece. Unique modern dining chairs add heat with a tactile burnt sienna finish.

The rest of the kitchen falls into the background behind sleek handle-free cabinet fronts, except for one decoratively exposed section of wine glass storage. When closed, the smooth units translate as sophisticated dining room decor.

A grey cushiony platform bed complements the sofa design that can be seen down the hall through a wide open doorway. A raised floor defines the bedroom from the open walkway.

A soft grey bed set and throw expands on the cozy bedroom theme.

Large KAWS statues form an unexpected gathering by the bedside.

A modern chandelier burns a huge hexagon above the bed.

Cylindrical units round out the bedsides.

Bedroom floor planking is arranged in a linear fashion, in clear distinction from the herringbone motif walkway.

The designer table lamp on the bedside table is a Flos Taccia.

A projector unit utilises one white wall panel for the evening’s entertainment.

The end of the bedroom walkway has been styled into a comfortable reading nook.

An ultra modern floor lamp has been teamed with a tan leather chair, the Wassily chair, a mid century modern classic.

A glass wall ensuite bathroom forms an interesting headboard feature wall.

An unusual stone bathtub compliments the bedroom’s grey elements.

The bedroom projector screen can be watched from right inside the shower.

Bedroom art becomes bathroom art through the glazed wall.

Two freestanding pedestal sinks grow dark contrast over a rugged white rock statement wall. Sleek mirror units offer a practical landing spot for sink-side toiletries.

Every space in this home is characterised by the original architectural beauty of the magnificent arched windows–even the bathroom.

Natural light spills into the shower enclosure too, where a huge rainfall showerhead is mounted flush into the bathroom ceiling.

A stone bench with fluffy towels gives the luxury bathroom a hotel-like finishing touch.

Glass walls keep the apartment spaces feeling interconnected, bright and filled with fresh air. A desk chair can be spied from the bathtub, hinting at a tucked away workspace behind the ensuite.

The 3D perspective drawing illustrates the small home office nook, which slots in behind a private WC volume by the glass wall bathroom. Small trees grow in planters around a sitting area out on the balcony, to create a vibrant garden feel.

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