Creating Home Hotspots With Red Accent Decor

Whatever feelings or belief system you may have around the colour red, whether it be passion, strength, energy, or even good luck, red is undoubtedly a powerhouse when it comes to interior design. Due to its intensity, red is more manageable in smaller quantities, as room elements that accentuate rather than dominate. Using too much of this strong hue can easily swamp a scheme but with more focussed bursts, this colour can be used to zone and intensify areas within a room or open plan layout. With that said, here are three inspirational home interiors that employ bold red accents to create hotspots within white modern home interiors.

Designer: Roman Gulyaev, Maria Tsakharias & Olga G  

Our first home is an apartment that was designed for a young professional female homeowner, located in Moscow, Russia. A modular sofa is marked as the first hotspot in this layout by a hit of red at the backrest, and more subtly by interwoven sections in the upholstery. The spaced red accents make the predominantly white home interior appear bright and cosy.

A pale gold end table neatly wraps the end of the sectional sofa arrangement to form a comfortable reading area.

The metallic end table and a fabulous gold-to-red ombre metal volume shimmer in the soft atmospheric lighting scheme.

A floating tv stand takes the red accent around the perimeter of the lounge in a luxe marble moment. One end of the TV unit has been fashioned into a container for indoor plants.

Recessed LED ribbons illuminate and define textured wallcovering across the TV wall.

The graduated metal cube forms the main focal point of the living room dining room combo. The unusual volume contains a hallway dressing room, along with some long-term storage. In contradiction to the rest of the contemporary interior, a classic baroque gilded frame has been employed to display artwork by Italian pop artist Slasky, who’s work bridges tradition and modernism.

Behind the lounge area, the island has been marked as the hotspot of the kitchen. Coordinated red bar stools, cabinets and countertops make up one entirely colour saturated volume.

Moving into the bedroom, we discover the bedroom closet is housed behind another beautiful ombre volume. A wooden platform bed fills the remainder of the room’s length with an elongated headboard design.

Slender gold bedroom pendant lights illuminate integrated bedside shelves.

Unlike the opaque ombre metal volume in the living space, the bedroom closet cube is formed with translucent gradient glass partitions. Illuminated garment rails and shelving glow through the gold-to-red glass.

Modern sliding shutters draw across the large window.

A clean, linear floating TV unit is installed at the foot of the bed, which morphs into a home workspace at the window end.

A lustrous gold swivel chair adds elegance to the simple desk unit.

The homeowner requested the bedroom be kept spacious for yoga practice by the window.

The hot colour theme is completely turned on its head inside a cool blue bathroom scheme.

However, the red accent still weaves in via a custom ombre shower screen treatment.

The tinted screen defines the walk-in shower space from the rest of the colour-blocked bathroom.

Bathroom storage units form a wall of bright copper.

The suspended rack conceals shower accessories and cosmetics from view.

Apartment floor plan.

Designer: Bogdan Ciocodeica  
Visualizer: Traian Dumbrava & Alexandru Ionita  

Our second modern home design sets a base of earthy brown elements for the red accent, over a crisp white foundation. An espresso round rug overlays a rust rectangle counterpart to create a warmly layered effect.

Bright red wall art draws focus where we’d expect to find a TV, or a projection screen. Stunning decorative ceiling moulding stretches the length of the lounge and dining room combo.

A wood coffee table beds into the plush rug arrangement, under the weight of a Tom Ford coffee table book.

Bold art by Carsten Beck brings confident energy to the modern dining area. A large globe dining room pendant light complements the eye-catching abstract composition.

A unique accent chair vibes with the light wood dining table from the corner of the room, whilst the dark dining chairs connect with the black and white artwork.

Chequered plaid accent chairs bring pattern to the stylishly curated living room. A unique end table is its own piece of art, with moulded perspex legs and conspicuous gold fixings.

Reflective chrome legs give the round dining table a floating effect.

Another Carsten Beck art piece adorns a black and white marble kitchen design. The fabulous decorative ceiling moulding crowns the configuration. See more inspiration for black and white kitchens.

In the master, a burgundy rug underlines a pale grey upholstered bed and a woven end of bed bench. A unique leather chair makes a reading area in the window.

Visualizer: Tamara Batsmanova  

Finally, our third red accent home interior is an adventurous design that combines classic and modern aesthetics, and a multitude of materials.

A modern sofa table backs the red sectional sofa design.

A textured rug is ribbed with red valleys. Glass art wraps a classic panel moulded pillar.

Red mirrored glass units create a graduated feature wall in the dining room and hallway.

Another ribbed rug and a set of modern dining chairs make up the red dining room scheme. The rug’s ribbed texture is echoed in the legs of the racetrack dining table to create textural unity.

A racetrack kitchen island complements the neighbouring dining table, so that the areas become a cohesive unit when bifold doors are drawn open.

Floor plan.

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