Detail Dominated Interiors Under 45 Sqm (500 Sq Ft)

It’s the details that dominate these two modern home interiors, each measuring just under 45 square metres (500 square feet). Wall decor is a plain white affair and the larger furniture silhouettes are kept simple, which gives smaller features their moment to shine. Our first tour explores small bursts of burgundy accent colour and classic art reproductions under a rustic wooden ceiling, all stretched into a long and narrow home layout. Our second featured home employs clear glass partition walls to open up the floor plan, and light wood tone elements to bring in a soft natural vibe. Floor plans included at the end of each tour.

In Moscow Russia, this 44 square metre home tour begins in a narrow minimalist living room. Creamy white walls paint a restful backdrop for a host of interesting designer decor pieces.

At one end of the living room dining room combo, blue-grey dining chairs are teamed up with a concrete table to make a unique and sophisticated set.

Straw hats make a twist on the trendy basket wall aesthetic; this idea is also a great use of space for items that are bulky to store.

Grey-blue throw pillows take the colour detail of the dining area over onto the living room sofa. A floor reading lamp provides focussed task lighting.

The ceiling is clad with rustic wooden planks to draw the eye up into appreciation of the room’s generous height. Black metal strapping adds to the eye catching roof design, and coordinates with black track lights.

Behind the grey tones of the small pedestal dining table and modern dining chairs, burgundy panel doors add a column of colour detail that acts as a zoning technique for the nook. A custom banquette seat pales into the wall colour to keep the space feeling open and uncluttered.

An oval modern fruit bowl makes an elegant yet understated table decoration.

Wall sconces light up the kitchen in the open plan living space, whilst others draw attention to fine art reproductions.

A burgundy entryway bench puts a beat of colour by the front door, which doubles as a side table for the lounge. A couple of coffee table books are stacked up next to a storage basket for gloves and keys, marking the dual purpose of the piece.

Tonal red tiles spread the room’s accent colour into the small galley kitchen, which gives the white scheme some welcome warmth.

A chunky wooden breakfast bar on slender black legs makes an unusual feature. Metal kitchen bar stools complement the dark elegance of the bespoke piece. Highlighted under A chunky wooden breakfast bar on slender black legs makes an unusual feature. Metal kitchen bar stools complement the dark elegance of the bespoke piece. Highlighted under modern wall sconces, a floating shelf visually links the depth of the kitchen peninsula and the add-on bar as one volume., a floating shelf visually links the depth of the kitchen peninsula and the add-on bar as one volume.

A wide vase brings a pop of greenery to the countertop.

Black nickel handles punctuate the white cabinets.

The bedroom almost matches the living room in size, although a portion of it is sectioned off as a walk in wardrobe. A portiere separates the two zones.

Vermeers’s Girl With A Pearl Earring adds an exquisite touch over the headboard.

The Scandinavian Home and New Nordic Houses books are stacked casually on a minimalist bedside table.

A storage bench pulls in the burgundy accent, which is colour matched by a table on the other side of the bed.

A Scandinavian style chair tucks under feathery pampas grass by the window.

The red herringbone tile used in the kitchen makes a second appearance in a red accent bathroom.

A modern pedestal sink has its slender silhouette reflected in a custom cut floor-to-ceiling vanity mirror.

A burgundy shelving nook adds a hot slice of interest through the plain white cabinetry.

The rustic vibe weaves into the scheme via a small wooden side table with a decorative vase full of pretty greenery.

A slimline toiletries shelf cuts across the large mirror.

Narrow apartment floor plan.

This 45 square metre home in Minsk, Belarus has an ultra crisp aesthetic, with clean white walls and a cool raw concrete ceiling. A glass wall flanks either side of the TV wall, extending symmetry around a modern TV stand.

A white end table wraps the side of the grey couch, keeping the narrow walkway around the lounge clear of obstruction.

A slimline floor lamp wraps the other side.

Timber storage cabinets give a plain white hallway much needed visual warmth and natural texture.

Oak flooring flows from the living room into the glass wall bedroom in one seamless sweep.

Hee dining chairs by Hay make build fresh white detail around a dark grey rectangle dining table.

A linear suspension light makes a minimalistic addition. Behind the dining area, wooden base units blend with the oak flooring, whilst white wall cabinets open up the feeling of space and reflect natural light from large glass doors. A modern outdoor sofa looks in from the balcony.

In the bedroom, a mature indoor plant adds a tropical touch to the beside.

A bespoke platform bed fits the length and width of the bedroom exactly, without an inch to spare.

Star Wars decor is given pride of place on the focal wall.

An Eames Aluminum Group Executive Chair and a floating desk design make a graceful pair, set in the light of the window and the glass partition wall.

3D perspective drawing.

Apartment floor plan.

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