Modern Red And Blue Interior Design Inspiration

Red and blue accents thread an appealing upbeat vibe through light modern interiors. The vibrancy is contagious, lifting the mood of those who would live there or just come to visit. Interiors with richness and solidity of colour communicate warmth and strength of character, keeping the eye moving and the mind guessing. Take a look at these two takes on the theme, from a totally unique space with custom made pieces, to a stylishly “off the peg” studio design. Two different approaches on two different budgets, but both with bold aspirations. Let us know whether you’d go the extra mile and sink the money, or if you’d celebrate pieces already ripe for the picking.

Visualizer: HE.D group  

Our first modern home design is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. A white TV panel floats against a concrete living room wall, where LED ribbon draws bright attention to the difference in tone and texture. Two soft grey modern sofas edge the lounge area with simple silhouettes.

A red console unit/bookcase brings the only flash of loud colour to the predominantly grey lounge, A modern wall light stripes the wall above one side of the unit, whilst a matching floor reading lamp illuminates the other end.

A single coffee table book tops the clean white square coffee table between the sofas.

The dining area stands directly adjacent to the lounge, colourfully defined by an azure table.

The living room dining room combo is finished off with a comfortable reading nook, which comprises a custom built window seat and bookcase tower.

The window seat also serves as a banquette bench at the pedestal dining table. Modern dining room lights descend on sleek rigid rods, presented in a white colourway to coordinate with the clean white dining chairs.

There is a second dining area over at the unique kitchen island, where modern black bar stools wrap two sides.

The striking black and white colourway of the island provides an explosion of pattern in front of the dark red kitchen design.

Unique kitchen pendant lights and an elegant freestanding faucet have been selected in a matt black finish to complement the kitchen bar stools.

The kitchen sink is a bespoke red volume that slots beautifully into the end of the stone island.

The oven housing unit is a stand alone piece, making it appear almost sculptural in the solid burgundy backdrop.

Giant black pigmented chips in the stone countertop present almost like a cow hide print.

The same black and white stone has been used in the creation of a balcony bar, this time within a cool blue setting inspired by the sky over the city.

The frame of the glass wall bedroom has been powder coated with a blue finish too, making fresh contrast with the neighbouring red kitchen scheme.

Inside the bedroom, the blue flow continues into soft drapes that pool onto pale wood laminate floor.

The bedroom pendant light is the same design as those featured out in the dining area, to create cohesion through the glass wall. See more stylish bedroom pendant lights here.

A blue floor bed design spreads the accent colour wide across the room.

The headboard upholstery is knocked back in pale grey to meld with the bare walls.

Sliding doors by the home entryway reveal a large walk in wardrobe. The interior is fitted with a bespoke blue closet system and comprehensive lighting.

The bathroom is a totally unique space, characterised by strong red and blue elements. A solid surface stone bathtub tones with the walls of the room, allowing a crisp white bath faucet to really stand out.

A white towel ladder sets an ice white accent against the adjacent wall, along with a curvaceous white glass shower screen.

A dropped ceiling panel above the shower enclosure smoothly echoes the shape of the shower screen, albeit on the opposite plane.

Recessed LEDs accentuate the curved enclosure. Black fixtures sit darkly against textured tile.

Custom bathroom furniture brings in the bold blue language of the apartment design, communicated through a unique bathroom vanity unit and a coordinated storage volume.

Black and white stone forms the unusual bathroom sink, its wild pattern caged inside blue framework.

A huge half circle mirror pushes behind the bathtub, reflecting the room and the light.

The modern toilet bellies out into the room, ensuring that not one single piece of bathroom furniture or sanitaryware goes unsung.

The blue entry door becomes impressively enlarged by a matching blue border, threshold and suspended ceiling panel.

Floor plan.

Kitchen island concept.

Curved glass wall design for the bedroom.

Custom bathroom furniture designs.

Visualizer: Michał Cychol  

If customised pieces or not in the budget, our next inspirational red and blue interior celebrates a more “off the peg” approach. The studio is coloured only by a blue sofa, teal lounge chair, sapphire dining chairs, and a very red bed. A couple of scatter cushions ensure that the separate pieces meld together as one cohesive scheme.

The round coffee table drops a dot of white marble into the lounge plan, connecting it with the white marble kitchen backsplash behind.

A pale teal accent cushion disrupts the red bed, giving it a light link with the lounge.

The L-shaped kitchen is a simple installation to allow it to fall back into the background of the busy room.

Artworks above the dining set and the bed are of one collection, and one red colourway.

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